Hamilton City Council for January 27, 2017: 2017 HSR Budget Debate

City Council debated the 2017 HSR budget. The budget proposal was based upon the Council approved 10-year transit strategy, and the year three budget calls for Council to invest in transit after two years of incremental improvements funded primarily by fare increases.

Council voted to ask the HSR's Director to return with budget proposals of a 3% or 1.8% budget increase.

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Hamilton City Council for January 26, 2017: Library and Police Budgets

Hamilton City Council received and debated the 2017 Hamilton Public Library and Police Board Budgets.

The Library budget received extra attention - in the form of praise - from City Councillors following comments the week prior by Councillor Donna Skelly questioning the relevance of libraries in the Internet Age.

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Hamilton City Council Budget Debate for January 24, 2016

Council debated the budget requests of Boards and Agencies:
- Conservation Halton
- Grand River Conservation Authority
- Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit
- Royal Botanical Gardens
- Hamilton Region Conservation Authority
- Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Citizen Seeks Public Police Spending Ledgers, FOI Request Denied. His Letter to Council:

The following letter was submitted by Hamilton resident, and retired public sector accountant, Shekar Chandrashekar, to City Council. Chandrashekar has been tireless in his efforts to bring transparency to civic finances in all departments, and has recently been trying to get the public police account ledgers. The information is legally public, held by the City, and Chandrashekar has been denied access to the information. Chandrashekar spoke to Council this morning, and submitted the following letter to Council to assist them in understanding the matter. Moved by Councillor A. Johnson, Councillors asked for a confidential staff report on the grounds for denying access to the information.

Hamilton City Council Audit, Finance, and Administration Committee for January 23, 2017

Council's Audit, Finance, and Administration Committee heard a delegation from Shekar Chandrashekar asking for Council to make public police financial information available to the public - Council voted to ask staff to report on the request. At the end of the meeting - after a closed session debate - Councillors on the committee voted 3-3 against moving the City's Transgender Policy proposal to the General Issues Committee. The policy will return to AF&A at a future date.

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Hamilton City Council General Issues Committee for January 18, 2017

Council voted to ask the Federal Government to not enter into the TPP,  decided against a non-competitive non-solicited proposal for a bubble dome at the civic stadium, approved changes to the taxi bylaws to allow Uber to operate in Hamilton, and approved a 30-year $106-million sludge plant contract. Full Video Replay:

Council Backs Jason Farr, Overrules Heritage Committee, Approves Demolition of Gore Buildings for New Development

City Council voted to approve the compromise plan supported by Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr to demolish the existing buildings at 18 to 28 King Street East in Gore Park, retain the facades of the buildings of the two buildings at 18 and 22. Hughson Business Space Corporation is planning to redevelop the site into a mix of commercial and residential uses. Here's the full replay of Tuesday's debate:

Hamilton City Council Public Works Committee for January 16, 2017

Council's Public Works Committee meets Monday to discuss the state of Hamilton's roads, selling part of an alley in Beasley, the Kay Drage Park Trail, and a citizen delegation asking for bike infrastructure on Sydenham Road.

The full agenda is here, and The Public Record will post a recording of the meeting as soon as possible after its completion. The meeting starts at 9:30am.