Hamilton City Council GIC for November 10, 2017

Hamilton City Councillors debated the 2018 public transit HSR capital budget. Much of the debate centred around the ongoing transit crisis, the use of the late 1980s custom build transit garage at 330 Wentworth Street North as a public works yard and office, and if it be more cost effective to return to using this garage for transit than building another transit garage.

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DARTS Cannot Win

Councillors heard from two delegations of nursing home staff that the new buses are too small for their trips booked with DARTS. From DARTS, Councillors were told that DARTS operators have rejected the latest labour contract offer – despite their union negotiating team recommending the deal.

Hamilton City Council General Issues Committee for November 1, 2017

Hamilton City Council, only two weeks after praising HSR upper managers for their great work, held a special debate on the ongoing crisis at the HSR which is seeing dozens of buses not operating each day as a temporary hiring freeze imposed by Council have resulted in an operator shortage.