Suggested Reading: Chicago’s Two-Flats (Duplexes) Are Threatened, from Block Club Chicago

An interesting read from Block Club Chicago discussing the city’s unique style of multi-family housing known as “two-flats” which serve a similar function to Hamilton’s duplexes. Unlike Hamilton’s duplexes, the Two-Flats were built to have an owner occupied section and a separate rental apartment. Much like Hamilton’s duplexes, Chicago’s Two-Flats are increasingly being converted into single family housing, creating problems for affordable housing in Chicago. Full Story on Block Club Chicago:
Wait, Are Two-Flats Only A Chicago Thing? Why These Uniquely Chicago Homes Have Thrived For A CenturyDespite their history as affordable options for working families, two-flats are “in distress” as people convert them into single-family homes.

Coleman’s Notes: The People Lose Their Only Planning Appeal Support With Premier Ford’s Closing of the Local Planning Appeal Support Centre

The LPASC closure comes at a time that Ontario’s planning appeal framework is in a state of flux, with the new Local Appeal Planning Tribunal (LPAT) which replaced the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) unsure if its authorities, requesting the Ontario Superior Court’s Divisional Court rule on a legal interpretation of LPAT’s governing legislation.

CHCH Coverage of Hamilton’s Opioid Crisis

Almost lost in the shuffle of City Hall scandals is that Hamilton’s opioid crisis worsened in February, CHCH ran a two-and-a-half minute report on Friday in which CHCH reveals: “In the first few weeks of February, Hamilton had 61 opioid-related emergencies, more than any month since September 2017. “

New Hamilton City Manager to Be Announced on March 20

The hiring committee held two illegal meetings, in contravention of the Municipal Act, on February 9 and February 23rd to decide their pick.

The full of Council must ratify the pick, and it’s not clear how many of the four Councillors who are consistently voting for transparency, accountability, and reform will support the pick.

The name may also leak in advance of the meeting.