In CHP. v. Hamilton, Courts Will Decide on Transgender Rights, Political Party Expression, and Federal Provincial Jurisdiction

It's easily the biggest legal case out of City Hall yet - the Courts will decide on the balance between transgender rights and political party expression, combined with the classic question of Confederation - the divide and overlap between federal and provincial jurisdictions, this case is likely bound for the Supreme Court of Canada.

Here's an overview of some of the issues and background in this case.

The Two Touchstones Joey Coleman is Watching for at Council in 2017

Originally posted on, TPR's microblog

I'm breaking with traditional journalistic convention in this start of the year look ahead post. I'll pass on listing topics of debate in the coming year and tackle a bigger issue. In 2017, I'll be watch for progress on two culture touchstones, because no matter the issue, they'll define Council's success during the coming year. The two touchstone issues are dignity and diligence. Will Councillors uphold and enhance the dignity of their offices in 2017?

Coleman: Why I Spoke Up About The Trump Hat

There are those in our community sincerely frightened and hurt by the statements made by Trump against immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, and others. I stand with my fellow community members, silence is not an option.