COLEMAN: An Independent Auditor General in 2023?

With two years until the 2022 municipal election, citizens groups are forming and the need for an independent Auditor General will likely be an issue as Hamiltonians look to clean up a culture of cover-ups.

Upcoming IMFG Talks on Municipal Finance

This Wednesday, the executive directors of municipal and government financial officers associations in both Ontario and BC will discuss COVID’s impacts upon the health of Canada’s municipalities, to be followed by a panel of international experts in two weeks discussing the impact upon cities around the world.

Coleman's Column: Without Coverage, Municipal Elections Are Noncompetitive

Study after study after study proves the value of local journalism to local democracy.  They confirm the decline in coverage of local elections, caused by decreasing number of local journalists as daily newspapers close, is making local elections less competitive and voter turnout is declining more rapidly in communities that have lost daily news coverage. The result is increased corruption in local government resulting from lower accountability.