Hamilton City Council GIC for February 1, 2017: Ward Boundaries and More

Hamilton City Council meet for their first GIC of February, the headline issue was the final vote on Ward Boundary reform. Councillors voted for their own gerrymandered wards, despite a clear warning from expert consultants that the gerrymander will be indefensible at a Ontario Municipal Board hearing.
Councillors also received a task force report on workforce development, which will guide numerous private and public sector partners in the coming year.
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Hamilton City Council for January 27, 2017: 2017 HSR Budget Debate

City Council debated the 2017 HSR budget. The budget proposal was based upon the Council approved 10-year transit strategy, and the year three budget calls for Council to invest in transit after two years of incremental improvements funded primarily by fare increases.
Council voted to ask the HSR’s Director to return with budget proposals of a 3% or 1.8% budget increase.
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