Hamilton City Council for January 26, 2017: Library and Police Budgets

Hamilton City Council received and debated the 2017 Hamilton Public Library and Police Board Budgets.
The Library budget received extra attention – in the form of praise – from City Councillors following comments the week prior by Councillor Donna Skelly questioning the relevance of libraries in the Internet Age.
Full Video Replay

Hamilton City Council Budget Debate for January 24, 2016

Council debated the budget requests of Boards and Agencies:
– Conservation Halton
– Grand River Conservation Authority
– Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit
– Royal Botanical Gardens
– Hamilton Region Conservation Authority
– Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Hamilton City Council General Issues Committee for January 18, 2017

Council voted to ask the Federal Government to not enter into the TPP,  decided against a non-competitive non-solicited proposal for a bubble dome at the civic stadium, approved changes to the taxi bylaws to allow Uber to operate in Hamilton, and approved a 30-year $106-million sludge plant contract. Full Video Replay:

Hamilton City Council GIC for November 2, 2016

Hamilton City Councillors meet to finalize the Piers 7 & 8 solicitation (sale) process, vote on interest in purchasing the former Hamilton Psych. Hospital lands on the mountain, and an update on the John/Rebecca Park.
This and more, live video starts at 9:30am.