The Public Record Corrections and Errors

The Public Record posts all of our corrections to this page to allow for easy reference.

If you are aware of an error in our reporting or on our website, please contact our editor via email, we’ll quickly review your submission and post a correction if there is an error on our site.

Here’s our listing of errors. Note that corrections prior to July 2017 are included in stories and on social media posts. As time permits, we’ll add them to this page.


Jan 9: The original version of an article stated the City of Hamilton requested applicants for public agencies, boards, and committees provide their age. In fact, the City had not. The City only requested confirmation candidates are age 18 or older.



Feb 16: The original version of an article stated the development as being in the Corktown neighbourhood. It is in fact in the Stinson neighbourhood geographically.



July 12: We incorrectly reported that a new YWCA affordable housing proposal at their Ottawa Street location was transitional housing. We’ve corrected the story and apologize for the error. Except for the headline calling it transitional housing, the story was correct. The error was on our website for three hours, and was posted to our social media channels.

July 25: We incorrectly reported that Westinghouse moved its corporate headquarters out of 286 Sanford Street North (the Canadian Westinghouse Company building) in 1987, the corporate headquarters left in 1983 with some non-headquarters staff continuing to work in the building until 1987. We posted a correction to the story.

This page was created on July 6, 2017, and last updated on January 9, 2019.