Lime Brings Scooters to City Hall – Will Hamilton See Electric Scooters in 2020?

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Joey Coleman/The Public Record

The Sobi Hamilton Hub at their 126 Catharine Street North Headquarters (Disclosure: The Public Record is based in the same building)

Last week, a representative of Uber arrived at City Hall on two wheels, but this wasn’t a Uber-owned Social Bicycle the representative was riding.

Last week a sharing service representative arrived at City Hall on two wheels, but it wasn’t a Sobi Bike he was riding. They brought a Lime electric scooter. The representative of Lime (Canada) brought the electric scooter for City staff to test ride.

While Hamilton was the first city in Canada to have dockless bike share when SobiHamilton launched in 2015, Waterloo was the first to have E-Scooters with the launch of Lime E-Scooters there in Fall 2018.

City staff took the scooter for test rides, and a staff report will be presented to Council in the near future with options to consider regarding regulations of E-Scooter sharing companies.

On Sunday, Ward 1 City Councillor Maureen Wilson retweeted an article from the San Francisco Chronicle reporting on the success of a now six-month old pilot in the California city. San Fran public transportation agency staff are quoted as stating that “Scooters induce transit trips at roughly four times the rate that they replace transit trips, indicating that they could complement transit by serving as a valuable last-mile connection”.

Editor’s Note: I wasn’t carrying my camera when I spotted the E-Scooter.

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One thought on “Lime Brings Scooters to City Hall – Will Hamilton See Electric Scooters in 2020?

  1. I travelled from Hamilton to Louisville for the Kentucky derby events.

    I finally rode a Lime scooter for the first time in Louisville, Kentucky and I am won over.

    In advising the city of regulations — We need these scooters in Hamilton, Ontario.

    The moderate speeds are just perfect to be allowed on multi-use trails and cycle trails (like rail trail and escarpment trail) — while probably not being allowed to be on sidewalks. In other words, I would like the regulations to permit these scooters (and pedal-assisted pedelecs, not those motorscooter-looking bikes) to be allowed in the same places as bikes including off-trails — even electric propelled, these scooters are less likely to injure other pedestrians than cycles and if necessary, you can switch instantly to a run/jog for most scooter speeds — the bigger risk of injury is to self.

    The Lime scooters are also powerful enough to handle the Keddy Access Trail when it is available, so they can go up the mountain.

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