LPAT Makes Unexpected Decision This Morning on Pier 8 Plans: Triggering New Talks Between City, Harbour West Neighbours, and Herman Turkstra

In a key decision, Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Member Blair Taylor questions if the City has conducted proper transportation planning for 1645 units of housing on Pier 8. The ruling has spurred settlement talks as all sides look for a solution which removes their exposure to risk that could result from an imposed ruling of the Tribunal.

CHCH Coverage of Hamilton’s Opioid Crisis

Almost lost in the shuffle of City Hall scandals is that Hamilton’s opioid crisis worsened in February, CHCH ran a two-and-a-half minute report on Friday in which CHCH reveals: “In the first few weeks of February, Hamilton had 61 opioid-related emergencies, more than any month since September 2017. “

Ed Smith Heading to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board

Smith, who lead the fight to expose and end questionable practices among the Old Guard of Niagara Regional Council – which was swept out of office in the October 2018 municipal election – was infamously sued by the NPCA for his 2016 report on the rampant problems and questionable practices under the rein of Carmen D’Angelo as Chief Administrative Officer of the NPCA.