OMB Rules Against Hamilton City Council: 5-Storey Building at 71 – 77 Leland Approved

First posted on The Public Record's City Hall blog -
The Ontario Municipal Board has tossed Hamilton City Council's opposition to a 5-storey 129-unit student-orientated multi-residential development near McMaster University in the Ainslie Wood neighbourhood at 71 - 77 Leland Street. The land was previously used for light industrial and the existing industrial buildings will be demolished. The developer, Creek Village Inc, appealed to the OMB after Council failed to make a decision within legislated timelines. Councillor Aidan Johnson opposed the development, which City planning staff stated fulfilled the requirements of the Urban Hamilton Official Plan and recommended the approval of. Council hired outside planners to argue their case.

A Concept Plan for 30 Stories just south of St. Joseph’s Hospital

SvN Architects + Planners post a concept Master Plan for the Charlton/John/Forest/Hughson Block which shows a 30-storey mixed-use tower to anchor the block at the corner of Hughson Street South and Forest Avenue.

It's worth watching to see what is formally proposed after the City updates planning policies this fall.

Planning Committee Votes in Favour of Piers 7 & 8 Urban Design Study

Councillors on the Planning Committee voted in favour of the Urban Design Study for Piers 7 & 8 which calls for 110,000 square feet of new residential representing 1,071 to 1,531 new units of housing. The plan also calls for ground level commercial and entertainment businesses across the lands. The proposal, outlined in an earlier TPR article, now moves to City Council for ratification next Wednesday. Following this, City staff will need to create the zoning bylaws to match the urban design. The zoning bylaw will need to approval by Council after a public hearing, under the Planning Act, at Planning Committee.