City LEED Grant for new Stryker Canada headquarters

The planned development is expected to generate $181,464.93 per year in property taxes, and the City is granting 75% of those taxes for two years; the City will continue to receive the increase in property tax, compared to when the land was vacant, in the future. The grant is to encourage better design which decreases costs on municipal services.

Hamilton Development Industry Liaison Group for June 26, 2017

DILG will discuss the City’s plans to offer digital submission for planning applications, the City’s Park and Open Space Development Guide, the Downtown Hamilton Secondary Plan, Zoning By-law and Tall Buildings Guidelines, the City’s phase-out of development incentives in the Central Business District (Downtown Hamilton), and other issues that will be placed on the agenda by staff and industry representatives.

The meeting is Monday at 9am, I’ll be covering it.