There is a proposal to build three tall buildings (38 storeys, 34 storeys and 26 storeys) on this former parking lot at 162 Ward Avenue in West Hamilton's Ainslie Wood neighbourhood. Credit: Joey Coleman

The City of Hamilton is reviewing a formal consultation proposal for “three purpose-built rental apartment (26 storeys, 38 storeys and 34 storeys) [buildings] and an 8-storey parking structure” at 162 Ward Avenue in West Hamilton’s Ainslie Wood neighbourhood.

1,836 residential units are proposed.

The site is approximately 500 metres southwest of the McMaster University campus. McMaster University leased the land as a parking lot in recent decades.

The initial proposal includes 1,104 parking spaces (approximately 0.60 per unit), primarily within the parking structure.

Access to the parking structure will be via Royal Avenue. The buildings will have access for delivery and pickup vehicles via Ward Avenue.

City of Hamilton staff and other agencies [Conservation authority, utilities, etc.] are reviewing the proposal.

Formal consultation applications are part of the City of Hamilton’s pre-application process. Developers provide conceptual plans to the City, and the City provides formal feedback.

The feedback is used by developments to modify their applications to improve the odds of a formal Planning Act application receiving a recommendation for approval from City staff.

Due to the City of Hamilton’s February cybersecurity failure, the City’s existing zoning map and other basic planning information are unavailable to compare with the application request.

Royal Avenue, west of Leland Street. A proposal for three buildings at the west end of the street proposes an eight-storey 1104 spaces parking structure that would be accessed by this road.

Update: Urban Toronto posted renderings they’ve obtained of the proposal.

Editors note: I will request the entire planning application file in my July 22 information filings at Hamilton City Hall.

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