Hamilton Police Services Board for June 2015

The Hamilton Police Services Board meets for their June 2015 with accountabilitiy and transparency being a primary theme of the meeting. The meeting will beginning with a significant delegation by the group Black, Brown, Red Lives Matter to the Police Board on the issue of carding. Replay Video

Hamilton Police Services Board Governance Committee for June 25, 2015

The Hamilton Police Services Board’s Governance Committee meets this morning to discuss a new media relations policy which is the centre of debate between Councillor Terry Whitehead and Chair of the PSB Councillor Lloyd Ferguson. Ferguson supports including gag provisions in the policy that will ban Board members from speaking to the media and public about Board members, Whitehead favours allowing individuals members to speak on matters so long as they make clear they are expressing a personal opinion and not speaking for the Board as a whole. The meeting starts at 10:30am. The City of Hamilton is refusing to disclose which room the meeting is in, citing “privacy concerns” with revealing the room. (This will delay live video)

Hamilton Police Services Board for November 2014

The Hamilton Police Services Board holds it’s monthly meeting for November 2014, starting at 4pm today.
Highlights on the agenda include: Online Crime Mapping, The Annual Social Navigator Project Report, Body-Worn Camera Study Report, and the location of the Concession Street crime prevention office.
Live video starts at 4pm