Two Hamilton Police Cruiser cars on a street.
Two Hamilton Police cruisers in August 2017 Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

The Hamilton Police Service is reporting a $2.8-million budget surplus for 2023, which is 1.5 percent of its $192,361,000 approved budget.

Police surpluses have been debated repeatedly by Hamilton City Council for the past decade, with unsuccessful calls by a few members of Council for police budget surpluses to be returned to the City of Hamilton’s general accounts.

The Hamilton Police Services Board has rejected the suggestion. Police surpluses are used by the Police Board to cover annual deficits (such as in 2021 when police had a $2-mil deficit), to cover unexpected labour expenses, and for new projects.

In recent years, the Hamilton Police Service has reported surpluses of:

2022: $1-mil
2021: -$2-mil (deficit year)
2020: $2.1-mil
2019: $1.4-mil

The Hamilton Police budget for 2024 is approved at $214.8-million.

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