Hamilton City Council for January 26, 2017: Library and Police Budgets

Hamilton City Council received and debated the 2017 Hamilton Public Library and Police Board Budgets.
The Library budget received extra attention – in the form of praise – from City Councillors following comments the week prior by Councillor Donna Skelly questioning the relevance of libraries in the Internet Age.
Full Video Replay

Replay: Hamilton City Council General Issues Committee for May 20, 2015

City Councillors discuss selling the Auchmar Estate, conducting an annual audit of the Hamilton Police Service budget, the City’s position to the CRTC on Bell Canada’s access to municipal right of way, funding for a new McMaster University program downtown, UBER’s taxi service, and revenue generation programs.

Hamilton Police Services Board for November 2014

The Hamilton Police Services Board holds it’s monthly meeting for November 2014, starting at 4pm today.
Highlights on the agenda include: Online Crime Mapping, The Annual Social Navigator Project Report, Body-Worn Camera Study Report, and the location of the Concession Street crime prevention office.
Live video starts at 4pm