Coppley Expanding Manufacturing in Hamilton’s Downtown, Planning Move Down MacNab Street to Cannon Street

Premium tailored clothing company Coppley is planning a new 6,822 square metre manufacturing facility in Hamilton’s Downtown, just down the street from their present headquarters.

The new facility will enabled the company to enhance its manufacturing processing while remaining in Downtown Hamilton, architect Drew Hauser told the City’s Design Review Panel on Thursday.

Divisional Court Upholds OMB Decisions in Oakville Glen Abbey Development Rulings

The Ontario Divisional Court delivered a rare ruling reviewing an Ontario Municipal Board decision on what constitutes a complete planning application.

This ruling is instructive to those considering appealing the Hamilton Ward Boundaries decision, I wrote in December about the tests of judicial review (Dunsmuir Test), and deference to specialized tribunals and bodies.

Why I Expect OMB Decision on Hamilton’s Ward Boundaries Will be a Landmark Province-Wide Precedent

During the past 20 years, the OMB has wrestled with municipal representation since the mega-amalgamations of the late stages of Premier Mike Harris’ government. With Hamilton’s Ward Boundary OMB hearing, ELTO Executive Chair Dr. Krushelnicki looks poised to set a framework to clarify how to balance numerous criteria and interests in creating municipal wards.