A developers render of the proposed redevelopment of the Delta Secondary School site at 1284 Main Street East in Hamilton Credit: HANDOUT

The Ontario Land Tribunal will conduct a 10-day contested hearing beginning on Monday, September 16, 2024, to decide if three 14-storey buildings will be allowed to be constructed on the rear portion of the former Delta Secondary School property at 1284 Main Street East.

New Horizon Development Group wants to build 975 new residential units on the site, with a mix of the three residential buildings, stacked townhouses, and units in the original Delta Secondary School building. The developer is appealing against heritage designations for the post-World War II extension wings.

Hamilton’s Design Review Panel supported intensification on the property but expressed concerns regarding lower-than-guideline separations between the three buildings, narrow laneways, and a lack of greenspace amenities.

City planning staff indicated they would not recommend approval of the proposal to City Council.

OLT Grants Participant Status to 13 Residents

Thirteen nearby residents were granted participant status, allowing them to submit written correspondence to be considered by the Tribunal. Residents must file their statements on or before July 23.

City and Development Holding Mediation Talks

City planning staff and representatives for New Horizon have held mediation talks to find common ground on issues and narrow the length of the contested hearing.

The remaining unresolved issues include natural heritage (trees), unit mix for the development, building sizes, tower separation and design, shadow and wind impacts, the heritage designation of the Delta Secondary building, and the visual impact of the development.

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