Hamilton Public Works Committee for March 21, 2022 – Roundup

Councillors discussed road maintenance, in the middle of the ongoing pothole season, received the 2021 Annual Drinking Water Report, approved new procedures regarding incorporating land widenings into city roadways, addressed sewage capacity issues on along Dewitt Road, voted to implement natural burials at the Mount Hamilton Cemetery, voted for a new playground at Eleanor Park in the Templemead neighbour in honour of 11-year-old Jude Strickland, a new pedestrian crossing and sidewalk for the Ancaster performing arts centre, adding more wheelchair-accessible swings to parks, and a series of local park improvements.

Hamilton City Council Public Works Committee for January 31, 2022

Councillors approved a new roadside memorial policy, debated and tabled a proposed small kids playground climbing wall, approved speed bumps on a dead-end court, approved purchased twenty (20) new replacement articulated buses, and heard resident concerns about lighting at Victoria Park.