33-Storey Tall Building Approved as Minor Variance, Mosque Allowed to Convert Parking to Commercial Parking Lot

This story was originally posted on The Public Record’s now-defunct blog Now on December 20, 2016. Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr won two significant victories at Committee of Adjustment today, gaining two major exceptions to Downtown Zoning Bylaws as “minor variances”. Tall Buildings in The Downtown, Now Minor Variances

Farr came to the Committee of Adjustment in support of the Downtown Mosque’s request to operate their parking lot as a commercial surface lot to raise funds to cover their new building debt, and the approval of a 33-storey tall building for Vrancor’s final phase of their King/George/Caroline five tower development. The “minor” variance was to increase the allowed development height from the present 22 metres to 106 metres. The Committee of Adjustment, at the request of Farr, approved the 500% variance as a “minor variance”.