Hamilton Police investigating a sudden death in an encampment at Beasley Park in August 2021 Credit: Joey Coleman

The Hamilton Homeless Mortality database posted its latest update, reporting 14 confirmed deaths of homeless individuals between December 2022 to May 2023.

The average age at time of death was 43 years old. Average life expectancy, according to Statistics Canada, is 81 years old.

Overdose was the leading cause of death, with eight deaths attributed to overdose. The researchers who collect the data note this number may increase as cause of death is determined for four people of the 14.

“It is imminently important that death as it relates to living without housing be a top priority acknowledged at every step of housing policy and planning at all levels of government including in the Hamilton community. Housing is a harm-reducing, life-saving resource. Premature death associated with living without housing as a basic human necessity is unacceptable,” write Gessie Stearns and Dr. Inna Berditchevskaia.

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One reply on “Hamilton’s Homeless Deaths Continue, Data Shows Average Age of Death is 43”

  1. As a society we need to stop pretending that people with substance abuse issues would not do themselves harm is they were housed. We have a drug addiction problem, not a homelessness issue. We are candy coating the real problem, and deliberately misallocating resources.

    Allocate more money to rehabilitation. Make rehabilitation a condition of public housing. The rest is simply throwing good money after bad.

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