Conversion of Storefront (Restaurant) to Housing at 652 King Street East

UPDATE: The Committee of Adjustment approved the application during their March 24, 2016 meeting
King Street between Victoria and Wentworth is expected to become a stronger commercial district in the coming years as residential intensification takes hold along the LRT corridor. However, in the meanwhile, there is a challenge wi
th storefront vacancies. The owner is 652 King Street East, on the south side just west of Wentworth, is asking for a minor variance to convert the existing storefront restaurant into two storefront apartments with the bedrooms and bathrooms in the basement, and kitchen/living room on the main level. The hearing will be held Thursday (March 24, 2016) at 2:10 p.m. (Page 69 of 132 in agenda)
On Barton Street, one of the challenges facing commercial revival is the lack of available storefronts due to conversions to residential storefront apartments. During the previous term (2010-2014) of the Committee of Adjustment, the CoA denied numerous storefront conversions.

Hamilton Committee of Adjustment for May 28, 2015

Committee of Adjustment meets Thursday with a big agenda of 27 hearing. There are 3 rural applications, 17 Lower City and Dundas, and 7 Mountain and Suburbs.
I’ve reviewed all the public notices for the hearings and three are of newsworthy note

Committee of Adjustment Wrap-up for December 4, 2014

The Committee of Adjustment met today, hearing 11 applications in total. (Full Agenda)
Four of them are of note:
– 311 & 321 Frances Avenue in Stoney Creek which is a mid-rise residential building proposal
– 4 Derek Drive which is home to the Jackson family of Jackson Orchards fame. Jackson Orchards was the last farm within the boundaries of the Old City of Hamilton. – 856 Beach Blvd which sought to build a basement on the Beach Strip
– 11 Brock Street, which is footsteps from Pier 8, a proposed reuse of commercial lands to residential and is tied up in City Hall red tape. 311 & 321 Frances Avenue, Stoney Creek

The developer, New Horizon, of 311 & 321 Frances Avenue, close to Lake Ontario near Green Road, required a variance in height for the top of the proposed buildings elevator shaft.