4 thoughts on “Neighbours Opposed New Home on East 22nd Street, Now The OLT Will Decide

  1. This is the “housing crisis” in a nutshell, right? Zoning changes are needed to supply more homes where people want to live. But NIMBYism prevents those zoning changes.

    • This is directly across the street where I grew up and where have lived for 45 years. Everyone is a NIMBY when it comes to your home. This lot isnt even a lot. its a half lot that cant. out of town developers come in one day and they think they can just do what they want? Yeah that seems fair and ethical.

      • Ryan is right, this isn’t a whole lot it’s half that’s why the proposed house is 17 feet wide and 44 feet long. Might just as well put a 12 by 40 foot trailer in the space and add another one on top. No one is going to buy it because the owner is going to rent it just like the one he already owns at 129. There are lots of spaces in the city to build homes rather then trying to smash one into a tiny area. I should know I live on the street in question.