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Hamilton’s Property Standards Committee held five hearings this morning, and all but one came forth with a joint agreement between the City’s property standards staff and the property owners.

One file, 9 Ridgewood Boulevard in Dundas, was adjourned with a steer statement from the City’s property standards prosecutor the City would not agree to any further extensions of the property order.

The City has ordered the structure’s roof to prevent water from entering the building, and drainage system repairs to “ensure storm water is drained so as to prevent recurrent standing water, erosion or other damage to the building. Special attention to the west side of the building.”

Property standards orders at 16 Wilson Street East in Ancaster, 312 Aberdeen Avenue, and 367 Hwy 5 West have been complied with, or are in the process of being complied with.

Tenant Damage Situation

The City granted an extension to comply for the owner of a rental property at 68 Campbell Avenue.

City property standards staff states that a tenant damaged the property and then filed a property standards complaint against their landlord.

The City states the landlord did not wish to make repairs until the Landlord Tenant Board heard their application for eviction, with the City acknowledging concerns that if the tenant had caused the damages, it was not feasible to enforce the order to repair pending the LTB decision.

An eviction order was recently issued by the LTB, City staff told the Property Standards Committee. ‘There are other people living in the residence, who are not authorized to be there.’

The City says the Sheriff’s Office is involved in removing the unauthorized occupants.

The damage estimate for the property is $70,000, the City stated.

The landlord has agreed not to rent the unit until all repairs ordered by the City are completed.

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