The proposed new HSR bus system map, showing the planned location of the new Lime Ridge Mall bus terminal Credit: HANDOUT / City of Hamlton

According to prequalification bid documents posted by the City of Hamilton last week, the new Lime Ridge Mall HSR bus terminal will be constructed in 2025.

The new terminal will directly abut Upper Wentworth Street, in an area of the mall’s parking lot that currently houses a Tesla ‘supercharger’ station.

Eight bus stops are planned, five of which will be sized for articulated buses.  There will be no terminal building and no public washrooms, instead traditional bus shelters will be used.

$3.3-million in Metrolinx “Quick Win” funds have been allocated to the project.

In 2008, Metrolinx gave the City of Hamilton $30-million in funding for immediate transit improvements to benefit HSR rides. Metrolinx did not define ‘immediate.’

Lime Ridge Mall Redevelopment

The bus terminal relocation is occurring ahead of mall owner Cadillac Fairview’s plans to redevelop the property into a mixed-use community.

Proposed new pedestrian pathways at Cadillac Fairview’s Hamilton Lime Ridge Mall as part of Phase I of the redevelopment of the site. As presented to Hamilton’s Design Review Panel in June 2022

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  1. Hi Joey. Can you please provide me who voted to let the private sector run the LRT. I am very interested in seeing who was for and who was against. Thank you for hopefully getting back to me. Thank you.

    1. Good morning,

      In Favour: Mayor Horwath, Maureen Wilson (Ward 1), Pauls (Ward 7), Danko (Ward 8), Beattie (Ward 10), Tadeson (Ward 11), Cassar (Ward 12), Spadafora (Ward 14), McMeekin (Ward 15)
      Opposed: Kroetsch (Ward 2), Hwang (Ward 4), Francis (ward 5), Jackson (Ward 6), Clark (Ward 9), Wilson (Ward 13)

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