5 thoughts on “Eastgate Square Submit First Concepts for Redevelopment, Including a 42-Storey Tall Building

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  2. I am absolutely opposed to this project going forward. I live right by the corner of Oakland Drive and Kenora. When I purchased my home the mall across the street was already there and I cannot complain. To change the mall in a sky-rise development project right beside my home at this time would cause a great amount of stress for me due to the construction, then all the traffic would be insane. The land was not zoned for housing and I feel it is inappropriate to change this now.

  3. I think this is exactly what this area needs right now! It’s very exciting it will brighten up the area and create a significant buzz for the neighborhood! Can’t wait!

  4. Housing a complex here is one thing but 40 storeys in ludicrous, what is the city doing about city infrastructure for residents, we need more roads not a dumb LRT the Nash and Queenston area is also building a large condo building on an already bogged down rd.

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