Render released by GSP Group on behalf of SmartCentres showing an early concept for the first phrases of redevelopment at 200 Centennial Parkway North Credit: HANDOUT

Centennial Parkway is about to follow Rymal Road in being significantly redeveloped. The street is lined with large lot suburban plazas and strip malls, all of which are within the provincial higher-order transit zones of the Confederation GO Station and the Eastgate Square LRT terminus.

SmartCentres is applying to the City of Hamilton to begin redeveloping its plaza at 200 Centennial Parkway North at Barton Street East.

The plaza is home to the large plaza which houses a Food Basics, a Jysk, and a Burger King. Much of the plaza has been vacant during the past two decades with the departures of anchor tenants Pizza Hut, Kelseys, and Future Shop. COVID has ended the business of King’s Buffet.

The first phases of the site redevelopment will convert 45 percent of the site into a mix of mid-to-tall buildings. “Phase 1A: A 20-and 15-storey mixed-use building;  Phase 1B: A 9-storey residential building; Phase 2A: A 16- and 12-storey mixed-use building; and Phase 2B: A 9-storey residential building.

GSP Group is serving as SmartCentres planning agents.

All the planning documents can be read here: