Hamilton City Council Planning Committee for April 4, 2017

Hamilton City Council’s Planning Committee quickly approved two zoning amendments in Glanbrook: 3079 Homestead Drive and 9890 & 9906 Twenty Road West. They then turned down, in support of Ancaster Councillor Lloyd Ferguson’s opposition, an application for residential development at 125 Wilson Street East in Ancaster. Councillors also voted down a recommendation from the Municipal Heritage Committee to create a Heritage Conservation District in Downtown Hamilton; instead choosing to ask for a staff report on adding the proposal to a future heritage workplan, which could be two terms of Council from now. Full Video Replay

Council Backs Jason Farr, Overrules Heritage Committee, Approves Demolition of Gore Buildings for New Development

City Council voted to approve the compromise plan supported by Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr to demolish the existing buildings at 18 to 28 King Street East in Gore Park, retain the facades of the buildings of the two buildings at 18 and 22. Hughson Business Space Corporation is planning to redevelop the site into a mix of commercial and residential uses. Here’s the full replay of Tuesday’s debate:

Hamilton City Council Planning Committee for September 6, 2016

Two OMB appeals filed against the City, a motion for Council to file a OMB appeal against a Committee of Adjustment decision on the Beach Strip, housekeeping changes to the Urban Hamilton Official Plan, changing to the Planning Application process to address road-widening allowance concerns, and the City’s official comments on the Greenbelt Review and Inclusionary Zoning.
Live video starts at 9:30am