Hamilton City Council Planning Committee for September 6, 2016

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Two OMB appeals filed against the City, a motion for Council to file a OMB appeal against a Committee of Adjustment decision on the Beach Strip, housekeeping changes to the Urban Hamilton Official Plan, changing to the Planning Application process to address road-widening allowance concerns, and the City’s official comments on the Greenbelt Review and Inclusionary Zoning.

Live video starts at 9:30am

Full Agenda on City Website: http://hamilton.siretechnologies.com/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=1019&doctype=AGENDA

Joey Coleman September 6, 201613:17


Joey Coleman September 6, 201613:17

Item 9.1, Council taking a position of opposition passes.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201613:17

Matthew Green declares a conflict of interest on Item 9.1 which is an appeal to the OMB by the owner of 66 Innovation Drive in Flamborough – the owner wants to have a fitness facility within the industrial zoning.
As the owner of a fitness business, Green declares a conflict.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201613:15

Suzanne Mammel, executive director of the Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders Association, speaking on inclusionary zoning.
She says the whole discussion is preliminary in nature, notes that many municipalities are weighting towards using Section 37 over Inclusionary Zoning.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201612:39
As Council discusses inclusionary zoning, both Farr and Ferguson have left the room.
Joey Coleman September 6, 201612:36

Council now discussing Provincial inclusionary zoning plans. Short: Council wants clarity on what the province means by inclusionary zoning.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201612:28

On item 8.4 “Coordinated Provincial Plan Review (Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Greenbelt Plan, Niagara Escarpment Plan) – City of Hamilton Comments on May 2016 Draft Plans”

Vote is carried with B. Johnson and Green opposed. Collins and Skelly are absent for the vote.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201612:26

Council takes position on Book Road addition to the Greenbelt – they support the addition, including Ferguson.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201612:13

Suzanne Mammel, executive director of the Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders Association, is now speaking to Council on intensification and Greenbelt. Concerned about some technical matters, mostly in agreement with City staff position.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201612:11

Councillors now getting presentation from Sergio Manchia who owns land at the northwest corner of Barton and Fifty Road – land is within the Greenbelt, but a small wedge of Greenbelt surrounding by existing urban development.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:45

City staff are proposing Council renew its request for lands in Lower Stoney Creek and Waterdown to be removed from the Greenbelt

Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:44
City is now speaking about the Province’s decision to reject the City’s request to remove parts of Stoney Creek and Waterdown from the Greenbelt.
The City requested more land be added to the Greenbelt in Upper Stoney Creek / Hamilton Mountain than what the Province did add.
Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:20

Council passes Item 8.3 unanimously. (Farr and A. Johnson absent)
Now onto 8.4 which is City comments on changes to the Provincial Growth Plan and Greenbelt.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:18

Matthew Green is concerned about the change to have the Design Review Panel as a optional part of the development process in Hamilton.
Was planned to be a requirement, but staff feel the pilot needs to run its course and making it a requirement will be considered at that time.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:17
Suzanne Mammel, executive director of the Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders Association, says they wish to work closely with City staff in the era of public consultation, wishes to have staff present at public consultations, wishes for an opportunity to meet with staff to tweak language.
Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:13

Chief Planner Steve Robichaud says the City can call an advisory meeting, invite the developer to attend, and if they don’t attend, staff and the committee still discuss the matter.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:12

Lloyd Ferguson is now speaking saying he prefers to have his public consultations done at his Community Council over a typical neighbourhood meeting.
If I ask a developer to present at the Ancaster community council, “can they tell me to pound salt?”, Ferguson asks staff.
Staff explain that a developer must have their approved by staff.
Staff says this the new Planning Act is not yet tested, it may be possible for a developer to hold a public consultation in the neighbourhood but not a Councillor’s community council.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:04
City staff say the City cannot force a developer to hold a second consultation – but strongly encourages it.
Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:02
Brenda Johnson asks a very good question – if a developer makes substantial revisions to an application after a public consultation, can the City require a developer to conduct a new public consultation.
Joey Coleman September 6, 201611:00

Discussions on planning application process changes focusing on public consultation strategies – developers are required (post-July 1) to provide a strategy and engage in meaningful public consultation. Applications submitted prior to July 1, there is no legal requirement for developers to consult the public.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201610:34
Councillors now discussing a staff plan to changing the City’s planning application process – among the changes is to allow planning staff to waive road widening requirements.
Joey Coleman September 6, 201610:32

Councillors now discussing “housekeeping amendments to Urban Hamilton Official Plan” (Agenda 8.2)
Suzanne Mammel, executive director of the Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders Association, says that with staff tabling one item of contention, HHHBA is supportive.
Committee passes unanimously.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201610:26

Council officially opposes development at 383 Dundas Street East and 4 First Street in Waterdown.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201610:24

Also present at Planning Cmte today, had a side discussion with Farr and left, was Ferguson.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201610:20
Partridge moves that the City Council take the position of opposition to the proposed development at 383 Dundas Street East and 4 First Street in Waterdown.
Councillors now discussing their request to the province to amend the Planning Act to give more time for negotiations between developers and City. Currently, after 180 days, any developer can take the City to OMB, even when the City has been negotiating in good faith.
Joey Coleman September 6, 201609:55
Councillors now discussing 383 Dundas Street East and 4 First Street Waterdown.
The developer has taken the City to OMB for “non-decision”, the Ward Councillor Partridge says she is disappointed the developer has gone this route because she was negotiating with them.
The developer is seeking to develop 81 townhouse units.
Neighbours are concerned about traffic and the amount of cars this will add to the neighbourhood.

Joey Coleman September 6, 201609:46
The first item, 6.1 on agenda, Application to Amend the Town of Dundas Zoning By-Law No. 3581-86 for Lands Located at 118 Hatt Street Dundas, was deferred for consultation between the developer and Dundas Councillor VanderBeek.
The developer wishes to increase the gross floor space of the development.
VanderBeek was not present during this portion of the meeting.
Joey Coleman September 6, 201609:44
Committee started at 9:34am this morning. Present at the beginning were B. Johnson (chair) Collins, Conley, Farr, Green, A. Johnson, Partridge, Pasuta, and Skelly
Pearson arrived at 9:40am

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