City of Hamilton Issues Notice of Intent to Designate Four Heritage Properties

The City of Hamilton is moving to designate four properties under the Ontario Heritage Act, publishing notices last week as required under the Act. The following are the notices on the City website:

140 Locke Street South, Hamilton – “The former church at 140 Locke Street South was constructed in the late 19th century and was originally relocated from its former location on Canada Street in 1895-1896. The church was associated with the theme of late 19th and early 20th century places of worship in Hamilton. The former church served as the Immanuel Congregational Church from 1890 to 1925, then became Trinity United Church from 1925 to 1967, and was later converted into an auction hall in 1967. The former church has design value as it demonstrates the influence of Neo Gothic style of architecture.

Heritage Committee Votes to Save Shaver House in Ancaster from Demo, Will Council Agree?

The plot is familiar to Hamiltonians. A building of heritage interest is scheduled for demolition, a 60-day countdown to the permit being issued begins, a rush occurs as the Municipal Heritage Committee tries to determine if they wish to block the demolition by designating the building, a heated debate ensues, Heritage Committee decides it should be saved, and then Council ultimately gets to decide. Thus happened again at today’s Municipal Heritage Committee as a walk-in report announced to the committee that The Egerton Shaver House (Fig 17 on this Ancaster Township Historical Society page) is scheduled for demolition permit issue on February 13, 2017. The application for to demolition is to facilitate the construction of a “retail commercial plaza as well as a 50 unit, 6 storey multiple dwelling on the site.” The building, built c.1856, was first identified as being of potential heritage value in 1984.

Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee for July 2016

Hamilton’s Municipal Heritage Committee will approve many heritage building permits – for minor (actually minor) alternations and renovations of existing designated building -, move forward the process of formally designating 21 Stone Church West and 140 Locke Street South, and receive updates on the status of vulnerable heritage buildings across Hamilton.
Live video starts at 12 noon.

Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee for April 2016 – Vote on Wilson-Blanchard Gore Buildings Proposal

Hamilton’s Municipal Heritage Committee’s April 2016 meeting will include a delegation from Wilson-Blanchard pitching their plans for the demolition of the Gore Buildings at 18-28 King Street East and the rebuilding of the facade of two of the buildings at 18 – 22 King Street East.
The Heritage Committee will be asked to make a recommendation to City Council in regards to the proposal.
Live video starts at 9:30am on The Public Record