Hughson Street Baptist Proposing Affordable Housing Development with Indwell

Hughson Street Baptist Church is holding a public meeting on Wednesday June 1 at 500 James Street North starting at 6:30pm to unveil plans for including affordable housing as part of a new church building at the corner of James Street North and Picton Street. They plan to partner with Indwell. Indwell is one of Hamilton’s most successful affordable housing providers, with recent projects including the Perkins Centre and Rudy Huist Commons on Main Street just east of Kenilworth. The meeting invitation is available here:

Hamilton Council – Emergency & Community Services for June 22, 2015

A presentation from Dundas Living Centre on the campaign starts the meeting which will include discussion on affordable housing, the 2014 report on homelessness, and an update on the fiasco of the new provincial social assistance software. Live video starts at 1:30pm Monday. Full Agenda on the City website here: