A concept rendering of the approved Indwell / Hughson Street Baptist Church project at 500 - 512 James Street North Credit: Handout / Invizij Architects

Indwell received approval for a four storey building with 45 units at 500 – 512 James Street North.  Indwell is partnering with Hughson Street Baptist Church, which owns the property and will be housed in the first floor and basement.
The development has already secured $6.3-million in government affordable housing funding. Both the Church and Indwell are conducting capital campaigns to meet the $17-million overall of the full project.
Letters from residents of the North End were overwhelmingly supportive, with many residents delegating to Council to express their support.
One resident, who was opposed to the project, expressed concerns about four storey buildings blocking views of the harbour from the escarpment, and the residents she perceives will be living in the building.
“I don’t like the idea of Indwell, it’s too close to schools. And while they do tell you they work with low income people, we all know they are recovering addicts, as well as diabetics, as well as this, as well at that” (Video on Joey Coleman’s Facebook Page)
No dates for construction were provided. Indwell and the Church both state they know of significant donors who were awaiting the Council approval.