TPR Email Edition for April 17, 2018: Parking Versus People: Outdated Bylaws

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Antiquated Bylaws And In-Fill Housing

Hamilton's outdated zoning bylaws create some absurd situations, bylaws written as far back as the 1950s remain in effect for parts of the "new" City of Hamilton. (The "new" City of Hamilton is now 18 years old)

In Downtown Hamilton, a mix of old zoning regulations exist, combined with a 2005 Secondary Plan that was implemented at a time of economic downturn, it is costly and unpredictable to develop.  Today, Planning Committee approved (pending Council ratification) the new Downtown Secondary Plan which will implement permissive zoning, clear height limits, and guidelines for design. While this will address Downtown planning, outdated bylaws will continue to reign elsewhere in Hamilton. A great example of this problem is the City opposing the building of an additional bachelor and additional one bedroom unit in a existing apartment building at 2 Grant Blvd.