The Hamilton City Council Week That Was for January 16 to January 22, 2017

Council came back from their month long vacation, and if you were expecting them to resolve to improve their actions in 2017, you were sorely disappointed. Before we get to that, let’s summarize the business of the week. Three high profile items this week:

Update on the Claremont Access (Monday’s Council Public Works Cmte)
Demolition of the Gore Buildings (Tuesday’s Council Planning Cmte)
Approval of a 30-year $106-million private-public-partnership contract for a new wastewater sludge plant (Wednesday’s Council GIC Cmte)

You might have missed, only covered on The Public Record:

Heritage Committee Votes to Save Shaver House in Ancaster from Demo, Will Council Agree? Heritage Committee Commits to Working with Developer of Former Kresge Site, Declines to Designate

Joey’s Recommended Reads of the Week
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