Hamilton City Hall west face Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

Hamilton’s municipal candidates were sent a ward-by-ward breakdown of Hamilton’s advance voting by the City Clerk earlier today. A few candidates forwarded the email to TPR.

Ward One          1883
Ward Two          1517
Ward Three       2104
Ward Four         1811
Ward Five          2340
Ward Six            2439
Ward Seven       2635
Ward Eight        1807
Ward Nine         1558
Ward Ten           2911
Ward Eleven      1745
Ward Twelve      2912
Ward Thirteen   2489
Ward Fourteen  1803
Ward Fifteen      1765
Total:                   31719

This represents an increase of approximately 80 percent compared to the 2018 election when 17,052 voters cast advance ballots.

The City Clerk’s memo further states that 632 vote by mail envelopes have been returned to City Hall.

The total number of ballots officially cast as of Monday at 8:00 am is 32,351.

The City Clerk has not publicly released the number of eligible voters for next Monday’s vote.

There were 361,212 voters registered on the 2018 election list.

Hamilton’s population grew by 6 percent between the 2016 and 2021 censuses.

For ease of calculation, let’s presume an increase in the number of eligible voters of 5 percent during the past four years.

Voter turnout, thus far, likely stands at approximately 8.5 percent.

Hamilton’s elections since amalgamation have seen an average turnout of 38 percent.

As I noted in a separate blog post yesterday, recent federal and provincial elections experienced record high advance voting, but record low overall turnout.

Vancouver’s municipal election on Saturday reported a similar trend.

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