Hamilton City Council for November 9, 2016

Hamilton City Council conducts its regular meeting tonight to ratify both the committee work of the past two weeks, but also to ratify the results of its longest-ever meeting on October 25 when they spent 12 hours debating LRT. Following regular business, there are two motions on the table: A Skelly motion to withdrawal her request for “exit ramps” during the West Harbour real estate sale process, and a motion from Partridge to reconsider and disband the LRT sub-committee.
Live video starts at 5pm.

Hamilton Light Rail Transit Committee for July 2016 [Live Video]

The meeting will begin with two delegations – one from Mary Aduckiewicz of Denningers and one from Kelly Bistas of P&A Plastics Inc. Councillors will receive numerous correspondence items from citizens and businesses on the LRT, and receive a staff presentation on community outreach, and debate two staff reports on stop locations and layout.
The meeting begins at 1:00pm on Tuesday, July 26, 2016.

Ted McMeekin Remarks on LRT at McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Ted McMeekin offered opening remarks at the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics research presentation “Benchmarking, Planning and Promoting Transit-
Oriented Intensification in Rapid Transit Areas”.
The presentation was held on May 31, 2016 at the Hamilton Waterfront Conference Centre.

Flamborough Chamber of Commerce Holds Public Meeting on LRT [Full Video]

The Flamborough Chamber of Commerce hasn’t taken an official position on the Hamilton B-Line LRT project. It has questions, and many concerns.
As part of their mandate to promote informed civic engagement, the Chamber invited staff from the LRT office to speak to Chamber members in Flamborough on the project.
The Public Record was there, and here’s the full video of the meeting.

Hamilton City Council Votes to Defer LRT Debate, Will Decide on Project May 18 [Replay Video]

In a surprise twist, Hamilton City Council will debate if they will reaffirm support or turn down provincial funding for Light Rail Transit during their Council GIC meeting on Wednesday, May 18. This comes after Councillors voted to defer a vote on a motion by Sam Merulla supporting the LRT project. Merulla moved his motion and spoke to it. As soon as Merulla was done introducing the motion, Partridge moved to close the debate and defer the motion until the May 18 Council General Issues Committee. Nine Councillors voted for the deferral – Collins, Conley, Jackson, B. Johnson, Partridge, Pasuta, Skelly, and Whitehead.