Hamilton Light Rail Transit Committee for July 2016 [Live Video]

The LRT sub-committee meeting for July includes a staff report confirming Main Street East will need to be converted to two-way traffic, another staff report stating the International Village will get both its LRT stops back at Wellington Street and Mary Street.

The meeting will begin with two delegations – one from Mary Aduckiewicz of Denningers and one from Kelly Bistas of P&A Plastics Inc. Councillors will receive numerous correspondence items from citizens and businesses on the LRT, and receive a staff presentation on community outreach, and debate two staff reports on stop locations and layout.
The meeting begins at 1:00pm on Tuesday, July 26, 2016.
Full agenda on City website here: http://hamilton.siretechnologies.com/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=1005&doctype=AGENDA

0 thoughts on “Hamilton Light Rail Transit Committee for July 2016 [Live Video]

  1. With Metrolinx under investigation for their
    part in the U.P. service to Pearson airport I just
    can,t understand the need for Metrolinx to have
    full control over Hamilton,s L.R.T.Before
    Trusting this group,Metrolinx the people of
    Hamilton deserve to see the outcome of this

  2. Lesson to learn.Streetcar details in T.O. over
    Sixty buses activated to handle problem.Can
    Hamilton afford to have a L.R.T. incident that
    will tie up transit to the core?Also will emergency vehicles be able to get through the
    narrow entrance to the core?Are fire hydrant,s
    reachable ?
    Ian Sim