The City of Hamilton small business centre has been closed since a May 2023 death threat incident. Credit: Joey Coleman

The City of Hamilton is reviewing its safety and security protocols following the attack at Edmonton City Hall earlier this week.

Over a dozen City of Hamilton staff met on Thursday to discuss how to respond to an attack within City Hall.

On Tuesday, a man stormed into Edmonton’s City Hall, firing an assault rifle and throwing a Molotov cocktail.

Nobody was injured. A 28-year-old man has been charged.

Edmonton City Council was in session at the time.

Hamilton Staff Meeting to Discuss Security

On Thursday, staff from each of the seven floors of Hamilton City Hall met with the City’s security consultants and facility managers to discuss Hamilton’s procedures for instituting a lockdown.

The security consultants met with staff in their work areas and took notes.

In early 2023, the City allocated $292,000 to install security barriers and measures to protect staff at municipal service counters.

Mayor Horwath Committed to Openness While Ensuring Security

Mayor Andrea Horwath’s Deputy Chief of Staff Siri Agrell says Mayor is “deeply concerned by the terrifying incident in Edmonton” and reached out to Edmonton’s mayor this week.

“City Hall is a vital element of an open democracy and should be accessible and welcoming to all, while prioritizing the safety and security of everyone in the building.”

“The Mayor has confidence in City staff and corporate security to make the appropriate recommendations if any changes are required in the interest of public safety.”

2023 Violent Incident at Hamilton City Hall and Recent Security Changes

A chip in a pillar at Hamilton City Hall. A witness to a violent incident on May 12, 2023 states the chip is the result of a man striking the pillar.

In May of last year, a man entered City Hall and jumped over a first-floor lobby desk, and he threatened to kill city employees.

He then picked up a pole and swung it, damaging a pillar inside the building. Security detained him.

Following the incident, a private security agency was contracted to have four security guards patrolling the City Hall lobby whenever the building was open.

The City’s small business enterprise centre’s gate has been closed since the incident.

The interior windows between the public lobby and the mayor’s and councillor’s offices were covered with semi-transparent frosted film.

In 2023, bollards were installed around the perimeter of the City Hall forecourt to mitigate the risk of vehicle attacks against gatherings in the public space.

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