The City's business facilitation office is temporarily closed following an incident of violence. Credit: Joey Coleman

Hamilton City Hall is reviewing its security processes following a violent incident on Friday.

Multiple sources have shared information with TPR regarding what occurred.

The accounts vary in some details, as expected after a violent and disturbing event.

The licensing counter at Hamilton City Hall is closed following a violent incident on May 12, 2023

The accounts are consistent that the man threatened to kill city hall employees, they had jumped over the desk in the business facilitation centre in the lobby, and that staff had to flee and lock themselves into rooms.

Accounts include descriptions of the man dressed in business casual and wielding and swinging an object.

A chip in a pillar at Hamilton City Hall. A witness to a violent incident on May 12, 2023 states the chip is the result of a man striking the pillar.

A pillar in the City Hall lobby has what appears to be new damage.

It is stated he commented about being angry at the display of “nudity” on a Sicilian carretto displayed in the lobby of City Hall.

A carretto on display in Hamilton City Hall.

The City has an existing competitive bid open for upgrades to public service counters to create more secure separation between staff and the public. The bid was posted before Friday’s incident.

City Council will discuss the incident in closed session.

A carretto on display in Hamilton City Hall.

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