Traffic flows along King Street East in the International Village BIA in early March 2022 Credit: Joey Coleman

Hamilton’s Chief Road Official Edward Soldo says he will ask Council to approve restricting red turns on right along King Street between the Delta where King Street and Main Street cross in the east to Highway 403 in the west.

New Automatic Speed Enforcement Areas

Soldo recommends making the stretches of King between Locke Street and Dundurn Street (Victoria Park), Emerald Street and Wellington Street (St. Patrick’s School), and Gage Avenue to Lottridge Street (Bernie Custis School) as Community Safety Zones.

This will enable the City to install photo radar cameras to issue fines by mail to owners of vehicles exceeding speed limits.

Parking Changes, Leading Pedestrian Intervals at Lights

Soldo says the City will implement parking changes along King Street, similar to changes being made on Main Street. Details are being finalized.

Traffic lights along King Street will have their timings changed to provide Leading Pedestrian Intervals to give pedestrians a head start before traffic lights turn green.

Council will vote upon the changes during their August 12 meeting.

Changes along King Street may be less extensive than on Main Street, due to pending Light Rail Transit construction in late 2023 or early 2024.

The report can be read here.

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2 replies on “City to Implement No Right Turns on Red Along King Street in August”

  1. Hopefully Council will adopt all of these measures. Also, St. Patricks School could use a Safety Zone on Main St as well, allowing for photo radar. Main is just as speed prone as King.

  2. As right turning traffic gets ‘backed up’ awaiting the green light to proceed, the city must now remove some parking spaces to allow delayed traffic room in that right lane. E.g. traffic now clogs two right lanes at the bottom of the Claremont Access as drivers cue to turn right, but do not have adequate lane room due to parked vehicles.

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