The Public Record filed a request to Ontario’s License Appeal Tribunal for the documents being considered by this Tribunal regarding the liquor license applications filed by 7-Eleven for their Hamilton locations at 415 Melvin Avenue and 622 Upper Wellington Street.

Both applications are scheduled to be heard this coming week.

The application for Melvin Avenue will be heard on Tuesday and Wednesday. The hearing for Upper Wellington will be heard Thursday and Friday.

In a letter issued to the parties on June 7, the License Appeal Tribunal is giving the applicants an opportunity to request a confidentiality order at the beginning of each respective hearing.

Hamilton City Council is formally objecting to the applications and will be sending lawyers to the hearings this coming week.

Additonally, Ward 8 Councillor John-Paul Danko is acting as a private citizen in personally objecting to the application for the Upper Wellington location. [Municipal politicians must engage with provincial Tribunals as “private” individuals, but can speak in their community leadership roles.]

There are no other individual parties in the Upper Wellington hearing.

Two private individuals are listed as parties to the Melvin Avenue location hearing. They are DeWitt Shainline and Lehaina Andrews.

The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board sent letters objecting to the applications.

The Licence Appeal Tribunal has ruled in favour of 7-Eleven in four of the appeal hearings conducted these far in other municipalities.

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