The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board is joining the City of Hamilton in opposing convenience store chain 7-Eleven’s liquor licence applications for two of its Hamilton locations: 415 Melvin Avenue at Woodward Avenue in East Hamilton, and 622 Upper Wellington Street at Brucedale Avenue on Hamilton Mountain.

Hamilton City Council voted in April to send its own lawyers to the Ontario Licence Appeal Tribunal to oppose the application.

The OLAT has approved all the 7-Eleven applications heard thus far.

HWDSB Trustees state they are concerned about the sale of alcohol at the convenience stores which are popular lunch destinations for students at nearby schools.

“It will increase the availability of alcohol in the community and youth exposure to alcohol, which will lead to increased risk of underage drinking in impacted neighbourhoods along with the associated health risks for our youth (City of Hamilton Public Health Services, Mental Health and Harm Reduction Program Team, 2017),” reads the letters signed by HWDSB Chair Trustee Dawn Danko.

The Board of Trustees writes they “strongly oppose the application and recommend denial of the appeal.”

The Board is requesting, if approved, the OLAT impose conditions under the liquor license to provide alcohol sales prior to 5:00 p.m., prohibit the sale of hard liquors, and limit the amount of alcohol to two servings to a person during each visit.

The OLAT hearings will occur during the week of June 14 to 17.

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