NYCs Transit Works Issue Ten Point Plan, Should Hamilton’s ATU Do Something Similar

Could launching a plan to fix the current HSR help breath life into the ATU’s LRT campaign? Or would highlighting the many shortcomings of HSR upper management further undermine the LRT campaign?

The reality is the HSR is in crisis, and with some Councillors now openly talking about the HSR’s multi-million dollar deficit, the time for a transit discussion has arrived in Hamilton.

EDITORS NOTE: Photos Removed Under YCJA

Two of the accused are under the age of 16, and are charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and any publication that could lead to their identification is a violation of Section 110 of the Act.

From The Joey Coleman Archives: The Youth Criminal Justice Act and Twitter photos

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Thursday evening, one of the Hamilton police ACTION teams interrupted their dinner at The Baltimore House to break-up what they thought was a drug deal in progress. What looked like a drug deal turned out to be one youth tagging a building with two friends blocking them from view. A citizen in The Baltimore House took a picture of the officer’s yellow jackets and posted it to Twitter. The focus – that officers interrupted their dinner to stop a crime in progress. In the background the police officers are involved with suspects.

Follow-up: Teen Engagement and the Hamilton Public Library

The Hamilton Public Library is getting much better at tracking its data and producing in-depth reports on library usage. Last week, they released a report on physical circulation demographics across all the branches. The data shows teens are under-represented as borrowers of the library’s physical materials. This probably didn’t surprise anyone; however, at two branches – Kenilworth and Mount Hope – borrowing by those 14 to 24 was in line with their proportion of the catchment demographics. I emailed Lita Barrie, Director, Collections & Youth Services for the HPL to discuss the report.

In CHP. v. Hamilton, Courts Will Decide on Transgender Rights, Political Party Expression, and Federal Provincial Jurisdiction

It’s easily the biggest legal case out of City Hall yet – the Courts will decide on the balance between transgender rights and political party expression, combined with the classic question of Confederation – the divide and overlap between federal and provincial jurisdictions, this case is likely bound for the Supreme Court of Canada.

Here’s an overview of some of the issues and background in this case.