Morning Coffee Notes

A quiet day is expected at City Hall with only two advisory committee meetings. I attended the Business Improvement Area Advisory Committee meeting this morning; it was housekeeping. I’m hoping to get a lot of writing done in my office today; and on that note, I close this note early to focus on that writing.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger Surprises Amazon … With An Amateur Pitch Video

Starting from its poor dreary image of Hamilton with green text proclaiming “A warm hello from the City of Hamilton” to it’s final screen with two different font colours with two different font faces, the video makes our great city look like the kind of place a fiction sit-com would be written in.

NYCs Transit Works Issue Ten Point Plan, Should Hamilton’s ATU Do Something Similar

Could launching a plan to fix the current HSR help breath life into the ATU’s LRT campaign? Or would highlighting the many shortcomings of HSR upper management further undermine the LRT campaign?

The reality is the HSR is in crisis, and with some Councillors now openly talking about the HSR’s multi-million dollar deficit, the time for a transit discussion has arrived in Hamilton.