November 2021: An encampment on Strachan West in Hamilton, with bicycle frames and disassembled parts littered in a portion of the camp. Credit: Joey Coleman

A few people have asked, with concern, about a motion on Friday’s City Council ratification meeting agenda that mentions Strachan Street as the site for HATS Tiny Homes project.

For reasons explained below, while the motion mentions HATS, this is entirely administrative and does not change anything.

Firstly, the motion is a staff housekeeping motion to implement changes to the encampment protocol that City Council passed on June 26.

Secondly, housekeeping amendment motions are usually moved by the Deputy Mayor.

The City of Hamilton does not disclose who the Deputy Mayor is each month.

Danko was last Deputy Mayor in January 2023, meaning he is due for a rotation.

If Danko is July’s Deputy Mayor, this explains would why he is the motion’s mover.

Administrative Amendments at Hamilton City Council.

The encampment protocol is “Item 2 of the General Issues Committee Report 23-023” [2-GIC-23-023], and the way the City of Hamilton operates, any change to the protocol is an amendment.

Amending motions include the full text of what they are amending.

When staff brought forth their amendments in May to make the Strachan Linear Park a compliant encampment site, citing HATS decision not to locate there, they did remove section (h) from August 2023.

Section (h) of the August 2023 text says the HATS Tiny Homes project will be located on Strachan Street. It is not necessary to remove.

Danko as the Mover of the Staff Motion

It is no secret that Councillor Danko does not like Ward 2 Councillor Cameron Kroetsch. This is why people took note of Danko being the mover.

Again, if Danko is July’s Deputy Mayor, then it is obvious why he is the mover.

If not, then the City of Hamilton should disclose whose decision it was for him to be the mover.

Monday is Encampment Protocol Debate, Friday’s Motion May be Moot

City Council will debate encampments during their Monday General Issues Committee meeting. Whatever decisions they make on Monday will change the motion package for Friday’s ratification meeting.

The “housekeeping amendment” from June’s decisions is likely to change anyway.

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