Hamilton Farmers Market Board of Directors during a WebEx meeting on April 12, 2021

Joshua Czerniga resigned from the Hamilton Farmers’ Market Board in December, citing an ongoing dispute with other citizen members of the Market Board.

Czerniga declined to comment when contacted by The Public Record.

Czerniga was a citizen appointee.

The letter was cc’d to the Director of Talent and Diversity and the Supervisor of Talent Services in the Human Resources division of the City Manager’s Office.  Additionally, City of Hamilton lawyer Susan Nicholson was cc’d on the resignation letter.

This is only the latest resignation for the Board which two consultant reports have described as ineffective. A third consultant’s report is ongoing, no date has been announced for its completion.

The Market’s reporting structure at the City of Hamilton recently changed. The City’s Director of Innovation Cyrus Tehrani is no longer the managing director, with responsibility for the Market moving from the City Manager’s Office to Planning and Economic Development.

The City’s Manager of Real Estate Ray Kessler is presently managing director pending the consultant’s report and a review of the Market’s structure.

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  1. I disagree with your past narrative.
    You need to use a photo of the current board members or your continuing to mislead the public.

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