A sign outside of the doors of the Hamilton Farmers' Market advertising hours of operation Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

The first Chair of the Hamilton Farmers’ Market Board of Directors, Marisa Di Censo, has resigned in frustration at the behaviour of market vendor members on the Board.

Her resignation comes less than a month after another citizen member, Stu Laurie, resigned in frustration “with the aggressive posturing of some of my fellow board members and the toxic environment that often inhabits our meetings and can no longer be a party to this in good conscience”.

Di Censo’s resignation letter is stronger than Laurie’s.

The full text of the letter is below:

Dear Mr. Hertel,

Is it with deep regret that I submit my resignation from the Hamilton Farmers’ Market Board of Directors. Over the past 4 years, I have contributed my energy, time, and enthusiasm to initiating the Board and supporting the Market as a community hub and cultural centrepiece for all. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to continue as a Board member.

As much as I am committed to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market I can no longer, as a matter of personal integrity, be part of the Board, whose focus has shifted to the demands of one stakeholder group at the expense of the wishes and needs of other stakeholders.

Furthermore, I am no longer able to shop at the Market very often due to the inconsistencies of its hours of operation. Not operating during the posted hours has, on numerous occasions, caused me great inconvenience. While having tried to address this during my tenure as a Director, I was unable to influence this needed change. I, therefore, cannot represent my community well as a regular Market shopper.

When the Board first began, and I was selected as Chair for two and a half years, I strove to create cohesion as a Board and to set our direction in a forward trajectory, looking at the present and the future, and glancing in the rearview mirror occasionally to inform decisions. This is essential if the Market is to grow and realize its potential. I hope that the Board can set its sights on a Market that meets the present and future needs of all.

I wish the Board and the Market well.


Marisa Di Censo

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