2 thoughts on “Nearby Homeowners Say Eight Storeys is Too Tall at 415 Main West, File OLT Appeal

  1. This is exactly the type of “missing middle” mid-rise density that major corridors such as Main Street desperately need to bring more people and more life into the core. Moreover, this will (fingers crossed) one day be in very close proximity to the LRT route. Also, as per residents’ fears… a quick look/drive by this area shows it to be anything but pedestrian friendly. Main Street here, as across most of the city, is choc-a-bloc with parking lots, drive-thrus, used car lots, and boarded up buildings. If anything, local councilors should be pressuring the developers to include a bay of 4 or 5 small retail bays facing onto Main. Such an inclusion would go a long way towards enlivening the local streetscape and reintroducing locals to Main as a pedestrian destination. That plus a return to two-way traffic… but that is another whole can of worms.

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