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Is the Discovery Centre for sale? Jason Farr says its not for sale, but that Council’s giving the “first right of negotiation” to whichever developer wins the right to buy Pier 8 lands from the City. So, not for sale, unless it’s for sale.
Thursday’s meeting was expected to be tense; with residents taken by surprise by the idea of selling the Centre. The meeting took an unexpected turn as Farr accused residents of having personal issues with him, called Graham Crawford his “nemesis”, and to another “some residents are not happy and they will never be” about the Waterfront Trust.
Full video and a short story of the meeting is on The Public Record
I’m very happy to share that The Public Record’s expanding to provide in-depth issues coverage of our municipal election, with Rob Fiedler joining as our first contributor. Rob’s unique blend of academic knowledge and on-the-ground community experience will provide us a unique informed lenses into planning, urban development, and community engagement.
Rob’s first column explains how the proposed Downtown Secondary Plan maximum heights do not automatically mean developers can build to the limit; the plan subjects tall buildings to appropriate location, and create a system which encourages development on surface parking lots.

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  • *new* April 9, 6:00 to 8:30 p.m., 100 Main Street West: City of Hamilton Open House on Downtown Secondary Plan.
  • April 9, 7pm, Hamilton City Hall: Ministry of Municipal Affairs information session for potential municipal election candidates.
  • *Location Announced* April 10, 7pm, Mills Hardware, 95 King Street East Useful Knowledge Society “Let’s Talk About Hamilton’s Downtown Secondary Plan” with General Manager of Economic Development and Planning Jason Thorne on the proposed Downtown Secondary Plan.
  • April 10, 6pm, 294 James Street North: Public Info Session on Central Park Redevelopment  details

Newsletter top photo: The crowd at Thursday’s public meeting on the possible sale of the Discovery Centre.