City Finally Releases HSR Long, Short-Term Disability, WSIB, and Other Leave Stats

Joey Coleman/The Public Record

A HSR bus at Main and MacNab in September of 2017

Following repeated requests from The Public Record, the City of Hamilton released a breakdown of it’s “19% absenteeism” statistic:

  • Long-Term Disability: 5.5%;
  • Short-Term Disability: 7.3%;
  • WSIB: 2.4%; and
  • Other: 3.8% (includes Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Emergency Leave, Leave w/o Pay).

I wrote yesterday about how the City was using the “absenteeism” label in a manner that made it appear that 19% of drivers were just not showing up to work. In fact, as we see from the breakdown above, drivers are not engaged in any work action, are not randomly calling in sick, and that the HSR is dealing with a significant number of operators on short-term disability.

0 thoughts on “City Finally Releases HSR Long, Short-Term Disability, WSIB, and Other Leave Stats

  1. no if only the ridership would read this. The damage is already done. Ridership will believe what they want.

    • Truly they believe those that that mislead them. Truth will heal and spread under the right circumstances or is that under any but right circumstances. Spread it, don’t dread it.

  2. Under pressure the numbers are revealed so, finally, the public can see for themselves that some of the spin and superstition is just that. Drivers have been blamed unfairly, this enabled by, up till now, the void of public information not released. Great work.

  3. TTC has been using the same tactics for years now with the help of Media. Workers demoralized. Front line workers take the hit for mis managed system, crumbling infastructure that is decades behind.