Hamilton City Council for August 18, 2017 [Live Blog Archive]

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City Council meets to ratify their decisions of the past week, and of the August 9 special LRT meeting.

The Public Record will liveblog the meeting, you can watch live video by following the instructions in our guide to watching Council live here.

Joey Coleman August 18, 201709:45

Council is underway, they are commemorating former City employee Coralee Secord who recently died. She was very well respected for her work in the culture and recreation division, she played a key role in the 2015 Pan Am Games, especially in volunteer coordination and recruitment.

Council is naming a community room at the new Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre after here.

Joey Coleman August 18, 201710:04

A motion by Ward 3 Councillor Matthew Green to designate the alleyway to between Gibson and Chestnut, Barton and Cannon as Grace Campbell Lane.
Passes unanimously. Green livestreamed his remarks on Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MGreenWard3/videos/1373478636022255/

Joey Coleman August 18, 201710:24

Donna Skelly wants transparency from the Waterfront Trust, Farr is quite frustrated at Skelly’s request that the Waterfront Trust provide its financials to Council.
Who is funding the Waterfront Trust’s various legal battles, why is the Trust in difficulties with its taxes, why are docs not available, where is money going?
Farr responds in frustration saying he’s been “caught off guard” by Skelly’s motion; it’s a surprise to him.
Then says Skelly’s motion is the result of media stories, and Council shouldn’t be moving motions in response to media coverage.
Farr says the media is “having fun” with the Waterfront Trust story, and there is nothing to the story.
That’s the only reason the media is covering the Waterfront Trust is that it is a “slow summer”
He says he has the latest financial statements for the Trust, but can’t release them “yet”, he doesn’t say when he will.
On calls to make the Waterfront Trust transparent being bringing it into a City department, Farr says it will double the cost of running the rink and other services at Pier 8.
A rare tense exchange between Green and Farr, as Green challenges this claim by saying Farr should bring the numbers.
It’s time or a “open and frank discussion” on the Waterfront Trust, with facts instead of claims, Green says.
In the end, Council votes for Skelly’s motion to get review the Waterfront Trust.

Joey Coleman August 18, 201710:26

Council votes to demand Province turn over maintenance and operation of LRT to Council.
In favour: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,13,15
Opposed: 1,14

Joey Coleman August 18, 201710:56

The ATU brought a large thank you card to Council today, here’s two photos:

Joey Coleman August 18, 201711:03

During questions on the Waterfront Trust, Jason Farr’s body language was telling. His facial reaction to Green’s call for facts and transparency, and then his posture as Skelly pushes her motion for the Waterfront Trust books to be shown to Council.

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