Mon. 11th: Board of Health
Tues. 12th: Business Improvement Areas Advisory CommitteePlanning CommitteeAdvisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities
Weds. 13th: General Issues Committee
Thurs. 14th: Governance (“Accountability & Transparency”) CmteFuture Fund Board
Fri. 15th: Election Compliance Audit Committee
Mon. 18th: Audit Finance and Admin @ 9:30am,
Emergency and Community Services @ 1:30pm
Tues. 19th:
 General Issues (Budget) @ 9:3oam
Weds. 20th:
Full City Council @ 5:00pm,
Hamilton Library Board @ 6:00pm
Thurs. 21st: Municipal Heritage @ 12noon,
Police Services Board @ 2:00pm,
Capital Works in Progress Sub-Cmte @ 2:30pm
Fri. 22nd: 
General Issues (Budget) @ 9:30am
<strong>Mon. 18th: </strong><a href=””>Audit Finance and Admin</a> @ 9:30am,<br/>
<a href=””>Emergency and Community Services</a> @ 1:30pm<strong><br/>
Tues. 19th:</strong> General Issues (Budget) @ 9:3oam<br/>
<strong>Weds. 20th: </strong>Full City Council @ 5:00pm,<br/>
Hamilton Library Board @ 6:00pm<br/>
<strong>Thurs. 21st: </strong>Municipal Heritage @ 12noon,<br/><strong>
</strong>Police Services Board @ 2:00pm,<br/>
Capital Works in Progress Sub-Cmte @ 2:30pm<br/><strong>
Fri. 22nd: </strong>General Issues (Budget) @ 9:30am<br/>
For Past Meetings, <a href=””>Visit The Public Record Video Archive</a><br />