City of Hamilton skyline in October 2022 Credit: Joey Coleman

The Ontario Government says the City of Hamilton will have to exempt “affordable residential units” from at least some municipal development charges if a new unit rents for the following amounts or less:

$1,017 per month for a bachelor unit;
$1,326 for a one-bedroom unit;
$1,543 for a two-bedroom unit; and
$1,670 per month for a three-or-more-bedroom unit.
[The amounts are not inclusive, only base-rent.]

If a new home is sold for $370,100 or less, it is defined as an affordable residential unit.

The new regulation came into effect on June 1, 2024.

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  1. So basically my municipal taxes go up to subsidise money grasping developers increase profits on a affordable homes, while raking in even more building McMansions in the Greenbelt. Not a bad trade for beer in the corner store for a tea totaller. Like the licence fee break for non-drivers.
    Thanks Dougie.

  2. Based on the standard definition, that rent (+ utilities) is affordable if it costs less than 30 per cent of pre-tax household income, these guideline rents are affordable at incomes of:
    $40,680 for a bachelor
    $53,040 for a one-bedroom
    $61,720 for a two-bedroom and
    $66,800 for a three-bedroom,
    but only if the utilities were not extra.
    Today’s minimum wage, for a full-time job (2,000 hours a year) would pay $33,100, well short of a supposedly affordable bachelor.

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